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Lanimer is the seventh entry in the Aledan Series. This series is my premier series on which the Cyborg Awakenings and the Cyborg Ranger Series are based. These books are written for adults that like spicy romances with a science fiction plot. Chelle, the main female character in the series comes from post-apocalyptic Earth devastated by an interstellar alien war. She leaves Earth with Hankura many years later.

However, the spin offs Cyborg Awakenings and Cyborg Rangers series are set on post-apocalyptic Earth. They have returned to Earth after the war to help rebuild civilization and find their genetic mates.

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Lanimer ARC

Lanimer Blurb

Thirty years after the Tregan invasion that killed his parents, Lanimer Dakov’s recurring dreams seem to be calling him back to Zevus Mar. Because he was a telepathic psion, his parents made their friend Hankura Narcaza Lanimer’s Guardian in case something happened to them. They took him to Oltarin to live with them, along with his Zevians governess and the Tregans who rescued them.

After Val’kara Clinic on Zevus Mar offers him a position as a doctor, he receives a holographic message from the young Trakellisan human hybrid named Evalee. From the moment she saw his holographic acceptance message, she knew she wanted him. Knowing that he is telepathic, she realizes he will sense her attraction as soon as they meet. Evalee decides honesty is the best course of action, and she sends him a private message explaining the situation.

Lanimer is immediately taken with her and assures her they will work it out when he arrives. During the six-month space journey to Zevus Mar, they communicate and fall in love before they even meet in person. While their relationship is everything they hoped it would be, political unrest mars their daily life and could end in tragedy. Will they be able to prevent this?

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What happens when an alien slave master gets greedy?

After being thrown into cages to pleasure brutal alien fighters, I’m broken—a mere shell of who I used to be.

I’ll be used and forced to do the monsters’ bidding, it’s too much to expect a male to watch over me.

Then the Beast claims me.

When he touches me, I yearn for more.
When he kisses me, I surrender in gratitude.
When he undresses me, I ache to scream his name.
And when he makes me fly, I soar higher than ever before.

But there’s a problem. In exchange for my release, I’ve already made a deal with the warden to get impregnated with the Beast’s baby. How can he love me when I’m betraying his deepest wishes?

Beast in the Cage is a full-length, standalone alien sci-fi romance. It features a possessive, alpha alien in intense, steamy scenes with his human mate. There are no cliffhangers or cheating, and a happily ever after is guaranteed!

Promising a new life with a perfectly matched alien mate, a bogus matchmaking agency diverts women to Soliv Four Incarceration and Detention Center Enterprises. Angie and Ria’tee aret wo of those women.

Sentenced to life on a prison world when they committed no crime, Tomak won Angie in a deadly game.

Tomak’and Coraz’s black ops team was sold out for a big payoff. Instead of training for missions, they train for gladiator matches, cage fighting, and competitive hunts for female mates.

Management runs the prison for the money they make by broadcasting the fights and gang rivalries in one endless reality show. They fuel the conflict by adding innocent women into the mix.

Now they must fight to keep their mates. If they refuse, the warden will send them to the underground mines which is Soliv Four’s version of hell.

There must be a way out. They just need to find it.

Warning:This book contains explicit sexual situations, violence and possible triggers and is intended for individuals over 18 years old.