About Me

Christine Myers aka Clarissa Lake has been a science fiction fan since seeing the original “Day the Earth Stood Still” at age eight. Her favorite sub-genre is science fiction romance with interstellar space travel and a bit of space opera. Among the most influential in her work are the Lazarus Long novels by Robert Heinlein, including “Time Enough for Love” and Marta Randall’s “Journey.” She loves Star Trek, Firefly, Farscape, and Veteran Cosmic Rockers, the Moody Blues.

She grew up watching Star Trek and reading Marvel Comics. She attended science fiction and fantasy conventions, meeting many well-known science fiction authors and attending their readings and discussion panels. They included science fiction greats Anne McCaffery, CJ Cherry, George RR Martin, Ben Bova, Timothy Zahn, Frederik Pohl, and Orson Scot Card.

After years of fruitless efforts to get her books published traditionally, she discovered Kindle Direct Publishing and became an Indie author-publisher. While she loves science fiction, she always thought there should be more romance, so she started writing it hot and steamy.