Buy My Books Direct

All of my non-exclusive ebooks are now available for direct download from my Payhip Shop. I also offer signed paperbacks of the Cyborg Awakening Series and Blaze, Cyborg Ranger, Book One of the Cyborg Ranger Series. Each book comes with custom book marks and stickers with shipping included. Readers can also buy all of the paperbacks directly from Amazon.

By offering my ebooks for direct sale, I can keep my prices lower because I keep a larger share of the retail price. They are available in epub, mobi, and awz3 format. Don’t worry, if you don’t have an e reader. There is a variety of e reader software available from the Googleplay store for Android and PC.

The complete set of the Cyborg Awakenings Series is now available wide including Kobo Plus, Apple, Googleplay, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Overdrive and more. Many libraries offer free access to Overdrive books.

If you have any questions or problems purchasing books from my Payhip Store, feel free to email me.