Join My ARC Street Team

Vinder’s Christmas is almost ready for ARC readers. The revised first draft is in the hands of my Beta readers for feedback before further editing. I want to get 30 reviews by the time it releases on November 7th. I plan to release the paperback first so it is available for review on Amazon before the ebook release.


Cyborg Vinder Black rides on horseback into Overlord Territory in the Appalachian Mountains to find his genetic mate.


Life as a serf in Lord Reinhardt’s “Kingdom” of Millson was one of back-breaking work, scarcity of food and resources, and cruel punishment for those who broke the rules.

Then, this big, handsome cyborg came into town and saved a friend who had been nearly flogged to death. Something about him attracted me like no other man ever had. I could hardly believe it when he told me he was mine.


I fought my whole life for the promise of her, a promise that was broken before my life started. Then I learned she was real. I would have to find her myself. Research by my brother Brekar told me where I was likely to find her. So I bought a strong horse and rode into Overlord territory to find her.

I found her and a whole group of her friends and neighbors worth fighting for.

The application is mainly for contact information on the team members.